Impact of ag-doped on the ferromagnetic-metallic transition in Pr0.75Na0.25mno3 manganites

Khairulzaman, N and Ibrahim, N and Shamsuddin, S (2018) Impact of ag-doped on the ferromagnetic-metallic transition in Pr0.75Na0.25mno3 manganites. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 7 (4.3). pp. 68-71. ISSN 2227-524X

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Monovalent doped Pr0.75Na0.25-yAgyMnO3 (y = 0–0.10) manganite have been investigated using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) as well as DC electrical resistivity and AC susceptibility measurement to clarify the influence of Ag- doped on charge ordering (CO) state. XRD analysis revealed all samples consists of essentially single phase and crystallized in an orthorhombic structure with space group Pnma. SEM images of Pr0.75Na0.25-yAgyMnO3 compound shows the successful substitution of Ag+ ions with the enhancement of the grains boundaries and sizes as well as the compaction of particles. On the other hand, resistivity and susceptibility measurements showed that the y = 0 sample exhibits insulating behavior and anti-ferromagnetic. Interestingly, the ferromagnetic-metallic transition was observed for y = 0.05 due to the revival of double-exchange (DE) mechanism as a result of weakening the Jahn-Teller effect which caused the CO state to be weakened. However, increasing of Ag-doped up to y = 0.10 induce back its transition into anti-ferromagnetic insulating behavior suggestively due to the weakening of DE mechanism.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Charge Ordered; Double Exchange Mechanis; Electrical Transport Properties; Magnetic Properties; X-Ray Diffraction.
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Divisions: Faculty of Applied Science and Technology > Department of Physics and Chemistry
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