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Abdul Rahim, Ruzairi (2018) UTHM knowledge discourse: research led innovation in learning & teaching. [Video]

Atsushi, Koike (2016) ISCEE 2016: economic effects of high-speed rail (application of SCGE model). [Video]

Abd Karim, Ahmad Tarmizi (2016) ISCEE 2016: sustainable planning and practices at Universiti Tun hussein Onn Malaysia. [Video]

Alias, Maizam (2016) WoCTVET 16: enhanching the quality of TVET through innovations. [Video]

Abdul Hamid, Zakri (2015) ICB 2015 keynote: international perspective of biodiversity conservation. [Video]

AbdulRahman, Adeleke and Abdul Latiff, Abd Aziz (2015) ICSEWR 15: adsorption of Cd(II) by activated cow bone powder from palm oil mill effluent. [Video]

Abdul Rahman, Ismail (2015) Issues in construction industry and challenges faced by Bumiputra contractor. [Video]

Abu Bakar , Amnani (2014) Treatment of leachate by using sequencing batch reactor (SBR). [Video]

Adeli, Hojjat (2014) SCDM 14: towards automated computer-based diagnosis of neurological and psychiatric disorders. [Video]

Agam, Mohd. Arif (2013) Nano technology: exploring research chaotically mediasite presenter. [Video]

Agam, Mohd Arif (2013) Nanotechnology: my research journey. [Video]

Alias, Rose Alinda (2012) ICPE-5: contextualizing Malaysia within current global trends and issues of doctoral education. [Video]

Agam, Mohd Arif (2011) Nanotechnology and fabrication of polymeric catalysts. [Video]

AB Latif, Abdul Aziz (2010) Problem access to technology by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). [Video]

Al-Ani, Ibrahiem Abdul Razak (2010) Knowledge based expert system for stormwater pollution control in Malaysia. [Video]


Baharim, Nor Bakhiah and Yusoff, Ismail and Muhammad, Ros Fatihah (2010) The hydrogeochemistry study of cave drip water in Batu Caves. [Video]


Cameron, Duke (2011) Live in a box: valve sparing aortic root surgery. [Video]


Dalimin, Mohd Noh (2015) MUCET 2015: urban mining and metal recycling. [Video]

Dalimin, Mohd Noh (2015) ICB 2015: biodiversity in Johor : historical perspective. [Video]

Daud, Md Nasir (2014) Seminar dialog FPTP 2014: embracing the career challenges to Malaysian real estate academics. [Video]

Dollah Muhamad, Mohd Farizzal and Mohd Hamzah, Haizal (2012) CiETVET12: best practice on Autocad design using multimedia courseware. [Video]


Emparan, Quin (2014) Bioremediation of biodiesel and diesel contaminated soil by using pseudomonasputida. [Video]

Embong, Zaidi (2014) ICXRI '14: surface characterization of multilayer native oxide on metal-alloy interface: angle resolved XPS (AR-XPS) study. [Video]

Embong, Zaidi (2014) ICXRI'14: surface characterization of multilayer native oxide on metal-alloy interface: angle resolved XPS (AR-XPS) study. [Video]

Embong, Zaidi (2011) Surface characterisation using XPS analytical techniques. [Video]


Fan, Dayue (2016) WoCTVET 16: sustainable requirements and TVET teachers. [Video]

Fetsi, Anastasia (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Special session: the impact of internationalisation on TVET. [Video]


Hainin, Mohd Rosli (2016) ISCEE 2016: green technology for pavement sustainability. [Video]

Hadgraft, Roger (2016) WoCTVET 2016: personalised competency development- reinventing higher education. [Video]

Hassan, Masjuki (2015) ICME 2015: biofuel, the alternative fuel for future transport. Is it safe for engine and health? [Video]

Hashim, Nor Haslina (2015) ICSEWR 15: drinking water quality of water vending machines in Parit Raja, Batu Pahat, Johor. [Video]

Hegedus, Istvan (2014) ICXRI '14: high-resolution energy-dispersive one dimension detector. [Video]

Hamido, Fujita (2014) SCDM 14: knowledge-based cybernetics in decision support system based on subjective intelligence. [Video]

Hegedus, Istvan (2014) ICXRI'14: high-resolution energy-dispersive one-dimensional detector. [Video]

Hamdan, Rafidah (2013) FTK 13: development of low-cost steel slag filter for simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal from domestic wastewater. [Video]

Hassan, Norsalina (2012) CiETVET12: fusion of face and fingerprint for personal verification system. [Video]


Ibrahim, Farah Nur Diyana (2015) ICSEWR 15: ammoniacal nitrogen and COD removal using zeolite-feldspar mineral composite adsorbent. [Video]

Ibrahim, Rosziati (2014) Current issues and future prospects of software engineering and image processing. [Video]

Ismail, Mohd Zaimin (2012) CiETVET12: technology of energy harvesting in wireless sensor network (WSN) & the implementations in global animal positioning system (GAPS). [Video]


Jusoh, Yusof (2018) UTHM CEO@Faculty: keusahawanan di dalam industri pembinaan. [Video]

Jaafar, M. S. (2016) ISCEE 2016: nano materials setting a new trend in concrete technologies? [Video]


Ken-ichi, Funazaki (2015) ICME 2015: emerging innovation and technology through engineering knowledge on gas turbine engines. [Video]

Kasim, Rozilah (2015) ICMTBE 2015: Keynote 3 : entrepreneurship educators in Malaysian tertiary institutions : direction and implication. [Video]

Kasabov, Nikola (2014) SCDM 14: machine learning and predictive data modelling with spiking neural networks: methods, systems and applications for (spatio/spectro) - temporal data. [Video]

Kohler, Thomas (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Forum 2: remarks on the relationships in the context of TVET. [Video]

Khanderia, Bijoy (2011) Echo evaluation of aortic valve & root for the surgeon/interventionalist. [Video]


Lah, Mohamed Awang (2016) Internet: the oxygen of the century? [Video]

Latiff, A. (2015) ICB 2015: germplasm conservation of Johor biodiversity: potentials and challenges. [Video]

Lajis, Mohd Amri (2015) ICME 2015: recycling and resource sustainability: metals recycling with innovative technology. [Video]

Lasonen, Johanna (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Keynote 2: a global outlook on skills and competencies for the 21st century. [Video]

Leman, Abdul Mutalib (2013) FTK 13: development of welding health-hazard index (WHI) for safety and health enhancement in welding workplace. [Video]

Lindawati, Lindawati (2010) Waste minimization: reuse paper waste for sound absorbing material. [Video]


Mohd Dom, Mohd Isa (2016) KPICT 2016 evolusi dan revolusi ICT impak terhadap prestasi dan kemampanan organisasi. [Video]

Mohd, Sabarudin (2015) IConCEES 2015: sustainability in built environment: green building index (GBI) platinum certification - UCTS experience. [Video]

Mohd. Kassim, Amir Hashim (2015) ICSEWR 15 : the future water challenge. [Video]

Mohd Masirin, Mohd Idrus (2015) Exploring sustainability in transportation engineering. [Video]

Mohmod, Abd Latif and Chua, L. S. L. and Chung, Richard Cheng Kong (2015) ICB 2015: terrestrial biodiversity research in Malaysia. [Video]

Mohd Asharuddin, Syazwani (2015) ICSEWR 15: water quality characteristics of Sembrong Dam Reservoir, Johor, Malaysia. [Video]

Mohd, Mariam (2015) KPICT 2015: e-Filing : inovasi dalam ICT sebagai pemaju transformasi. [Video]

Md Hussin, Jamilus (2015) The importance of practical engineer in the industry. [Video]

Mat Deris, Mustafa (2014) SCDM 14: discovering knowledge in incomplete information systems: issues, challenges, and future direction. [Video]

Muhammad Najib, Muhammad Najib (2014) Department of real estate faculty of geoinformation and real estate. [Video]

Mohd Faizal, Mohd Faizal (2014) Issues relating to BoVAEA mediasite presenter. [Video]

McKee, Steven (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Forum 1: 21st century learning environments for vocational education. [Video]

McKay, Elspeth (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Forum 1: integration of teaching into teaching and learning. [Video]

Md Hussin, Jamilus (2012) FKAAS: the strategy for sustainable construction. [Video]

Mohd Ali, Mas Fawzi (2012) ICME 2012: effect of gas-jet ignition technique on the extending of CNG lean combustion limit. [Video]

Md Juremi, Nor Rashidah (2011) Thin film gold as electrically enhanced catalysts. [Video]

Mohd Masirin, Mohd Idrus (2011) Appraisal on soil failures and landslides occurences in Malaysia : case studies & lessons learned. [Video]


Nik Muhammad, Nik Maheran (2012) ICPE-5: transforming human capital in Malaysia toward Vison 2020. [Video]

Ngien , S. K. (2010) Laboratory experiment on light non-aqueous phase liquid migration effect in dual-porosity soil. [Video]

N. , A. Aziz, and N. M. I., Siti (2010) The application of recycle sub-surface horizontal flow constructed wetland with intermittent zeolite-sand filter in greywater treatment. [Video]


Oliva, Roberto V. (2015) ICB 2015: ASEAN centre for biodiversity coordinating biodiversity conservation and sustainable management in Southeast Asia. [Video]

Omar, Abdul Razak (2015) INSAN 2015: sosiety transformation and social development through university-community transformation centre (UCTC) via UTHM experiance. [Video]

OConnor, John (2013) Nuclear and alternative energies. [Video]


Park, Young-Bum (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Forum 2: TVET for nurturing innovative skilled manpower needed by industry in Korea. [Video]

Pang, Chau Leong (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Forum 2: shaping TVET for nurturing innovative workforce in 21st century. [Video]

Pavlova, Margarita (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Keynote 1: establishing sustainable life-long learning: learning opportunities for everyone. [Video]

Purwanto, Settiyo (2011) Bagaimana mendapat khusyuk. [Video]


Rusdi, Mikdar (2016) STEM 2016: al-Quran sebagai motivator kepada pembelajaran sains, teknologi dan kejuruteraan. [Video]

Ridzuan, Mohd Baharudin and Daud, Zawawi and Ahmad, Zulkifli and Abdul Latiff, Ab Aziz (2015) ICSEWR 15: identification of biological matter from palm oil mill effluent (POME). [Video]

Risit, Wellson (2015) ICSEWR 15: the characterization of chlorophyll-a and microalgae isolation process of water collected at Sembrong Dam. [Video]


Suhaini, Noorain (2015) ICSEWR 15: treatment of kitchen wasterwater using banana trunk biofibers (Musa sapientum). [Video]

Soedjono, Eddy S. (2015) ICSEWR 15: universal access of sanitation - Indonesian case. [Video]

Syed Shekh Alsagoff, Syed Isa (2015) KPICT 2015: jenayah siber : kesannya kepada pendidikan tinggi negara. [Video]

Sorrell, Charles (2014) ICXRI '14: advance in quantitative x-ray diffraction analysis of anhydrous and hydrated portland cement. [Video]

Samad, Onn (2014) Fujitsu. [Video]

Supriatna, Asep K. (2014) Mathematical modeling in managing biological population having a complex ecosystem. [Video]

Sorrell, Charles (2014) ICXRI'14 keynote: advance in quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis of anhydrous and hydrated portland cement. [Video]

Supriatna, Asep K. (2014) MSOR 2014: mathematical modeling in managing biological population having a complex ecosystem. [Video]

Setiawan, Agus and Kurnia, Dadang (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Forum 1: transferable skills as integrated part of professional profile of TVET outcome. [Video]

Salleh, Md Sharifuddin (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Forum 2: the regional collaboration in nurturing innovative workforce. [Video]

Sebayang, Darwin (2013) FTK 13: new washcoat of nanocrytalline y-alumina on new nickel oxide (NiO) catalyst in FeCrAl substrate for catalytic converter using novel ultrasonic approach. [Video]


Talib, Rahidzab (2016) KPICT 2016 MYREN future network. [Video]

Tsuyoshi, Imai (2015) INSAN 2015: bio-hydrogen production from tropical biomass for sustainable energy resources. [Video]

Talib, Rahidzab (2015) KPICT 2015: Akari Software (transforming the curriculum lifecycle). [Video]


Wei, Chuan Beng (2017) UTHM CEO@Faculty: entrepreneurship-finding your first customer. [Video]

Wei, Chuan Beng (2016) UTHM CEO@Faculty: business models for real revenue and profit. [Video]

Wan Abdul Majid, Wan Amir Jeffery (2015) ICB 2015: economic value proposition of Johor biodiversity for sustainable socioeconomic development. [Video]

Wan Suleiman, Wan Suraya Raihan (2015) ICSEWR 15: impregnation method of producing activated carbon from surgarcane bagasse by using phosphoric acid to remove contaminants from textile wastewater. [Video]

Wan Mohamed, Wan Afnizan (2015) ICSEWR 15: study of the maximum uptake capacity on various sizes of electric ARC furnace slag in phosphorous aqueous solutions. [Video]

Wan Yusoff, Wan Fauziah (2015) ICTMBE 2015: Keynote 2 : what has been changed - corporate governance in Malaysia. [Video]

Walter, Gabriel (2015) MUCET 2015: Quantum Electro Opto Systems Sdn. Bhd. : a case study for technological innovation in Malaysia. [Video]

Wijeyesekera, Devapriya Chitral (2014) Development in geotechnology from a sustainability perspective. [Video]

Wan Yusoff, Wan Zahari (2014) Seminar dialog FPTP 2014: the real valuation profession from global perspectives: an overview. [Video]


Yoshito, Ito (2017) UTHM FKMP lecture series: quick absorbing structures. [Video]

Yaakub, Mohammad Naim (2014) WOCTVET 2014: Keynote 3: changing trends : transforming TVET in the 21st century. [Video]

Yusof, Yusri (2013) Trend towards open CNC system mediasite presenter. [Video]

Yaakub, Mohd Naim and Gayondato, Theodora (2011) National policies linking TVET with economic expansion and TVET best practice. [Video]


Zakaria, Nor Azazi (2015) IConCEES 2015: sustainable urban stormwater management: key to future green-blue, resilience and sustainability of urban environment. [Video]

Zayadi, Nabilah (2015) ICSEWR 15: a potential waste to be selected as media for metal and nutrient removal. [Video]

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